Baked Ham and Turkey Everything Bagel Sandwiches Recipe

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They are so easy to make and so delcious. Melty swiss cheese, roasted turkey breast and black forest ham layered together on a tasty Thomas’ Everything Bagel brushed with butter and dijon mustard.

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Servings: 6


6 Thomas’ Everything Bagels

1 pound of black forest ham, sliced

1 pound of roasted turkey, sliced

3/4 pound of swiss cheese, 12 slices

8 tablespoons of butter, melted

1 tablespoon of dijon mustard


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Separate bagels halves and arrange bottom slices in a 9×13 baking dish.
  3. Layer each sandwich with swiss cheese slice, ham, turkey and another slice of swiss cheese.
  4. Finish with top of bagel. READ MORE

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